Identity Theft

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. It’s time to put away those bulky sweaters, spring-clean your humble abode, and plan your summer vacation! Whether you’re planning a week at the beach or a weekend in the mountains, identity theft protection should be at the top of... Read more →

Our data is everywhere. Literally and figuratively. It’s simultaneously hopping oceans and crossing borders through wires while being packaged and redistributed among internet service providers, government organizations, retailers, financial institutions, medical institutions, and of course, social media providers. We’re all familiar with data breaches when this information is intercepted and... Read more →

As our world is becoming increasingly connected, the threat of identity theft is on the rise. This includes vital information such as credit card numbers, online payment account information, your license number and even your social security number being stolen from you. Take a look at this article from Generali... Read more →

American shoppers spent a record $5 billion in 24 hours on Black Friday. That marks a 16.9% increase in dollars spent online compared with Black Friday 2016. While this high frequency, frenzied exchange of money during the holidays is great for retailers and holiday shoppers alike, it also comes with... Read more →

Walking down the street, standing in an elevator, waiting in line, relaxing on the couch, gathered at a business meeting – our smartphones are with us. Sixty-four percent of Americans have smartphones – a figure that’s nearly doubled since 2011. They’ve changed the way we do business, live our lives,... Read more →