As states continue to become compliant with the REAL ID Act, which sets universal, nation-wide standards for identification (i.e. driver’s licenses), there is still mounting confusion for companies and their corporate travelers over which enforcement deadlines to pay attention to. To break it down, there are two deadline types you should know about, and the latter is the most relevant for travelers. State Deadline 33 states and Washington, D.C. are already issuing licenses and identification cards that meet the new standards. The other 17 states and five U.S. territories have extensions which expire on October 10, 2018. Starting that day,... Read more →

Curious if whether or not pet insurance is worth the investment? We sat down with USI Affinity’s Arielle E. to hear about her and her kitten's, Marmalade, recent "cat-tastrophe": Working in the insurance industry, you think you know everything there is to know about insurance protection. We speak often about preparing for the unexpected, educating everyone about their inherent need for various forms of financial coverage. However, no level of expertise can shield you completely from shock when the formidable ‘unexpected’ happens— but having even a basic understanding can help prepare you financially. If you asked me three months ago... Read more →

As Hurricane Florence begins to bare down on the East Coast, we know those in the storm's path will be taking precautions. While much focus will be on physical safety, there are a number of ways that you can ensure a more secure identity before, during, and after the event when opportunistic crimes can occur. In case you need to leave your home, secure sensitive documents and paperwork in a safe or a locked drawer and be sure to take all credit cards and insurance documents with you. If time permits, consider stopping mail service and cancel any package deliveries... Read more →

There are lots of things no one wants to talk about – disability insurance is one of them. But the longer you ignore it, the less protected you are against long term financial risks due to unexpected illnesses and injuries. Read on for guidance and answers to common questions about disability insurance. This information can help you get started and make the best decision based on your specific needs. 1. If you or others depend on your income — you need it. If you have people who depend on your income – or if you depend on your income –... Read more →

The “back-to-school” season is a busy, hectic time for students and parents alike. It’s also another opportunity for identity thieves to learn a thing or two, as well: and this new information isn’t the good stuff you read in books. Last year, over 1 million children were targets of identity theft and fraud, racking up over $540 million in out-of-pocket costs to their families, according to research from Javelin Strategy. Children are often targets of identity thieves because of their clean credit scores and the lack of attention families pay to their minor’s credit report. A criminal could open up... Read more →

For this part of the #USIontheMove blog series, we sat down with USI Affinity’s Arielle E. to hear about her experience traveling in Northern Ireland. Like so many places around this incredible world, it is hard to describe in full the emerald, earthen beauty of Ireland. The movie scenes and travel photos I had mooned over for years, I found, could never do justice for the wild sea of green and the rolling waves of ancient hills and valleys. For me, as for many Americans, setting foot in this unfamiliar place is more than just a holiday--it’s an adventure in... Read more →