Welcome to New York, New York for the American Bar Association Annual Meeting! Appropriately nicknamed the 'city that never sleeps', there is much to do and see on your trip to New York City whether you are an NYC local or coming in to the Empire State for the first time. To help make the most out of your trip, below is a list of five top places to see while in the in the Big Apple: The Statue of Liberty. Since its official dedication by President Grover Cleveland in 1886, Lady Liberty has stood watch in the New York... Read more →

Parents do their best to keep their children safe every day, advising them to wear a helmet when biking, avoid talking to strangers, and look both ways before they cross the street. But there’s one type of danger that’s hard to avoid. A recent study indicated that up to 10% of America’s youth have potentially been targets of identity theft. The large majority of children under the age of 18 have blank credit profiles which make them uniquely valuable to identity thieves: because there’s no credit profile established, children’s social security numbers they can be paired with any name to... Read more →

Walking down the street, standing in an elevator, waiting in line, relaxing on the couch, gathered at a business meeting – our smartphones are with us. Sixty-four percent of Americans have smartphones – a figure that’s nearly doubled since 2011. They’ve changed the way we do business, live our lives, and stay entertained. Whether it’s communicating with friends, watching movies, uploading a photo to social media, or paying a bill, all of the things that make our smartphones helpful also make them a perfect tool for an identity thief trying to steal your valuable personal data. It can often be... Read more →

Every year millions of people fall prey to various forms of identity theft. In 2016 alone, according to the most recent “2017 Identity Fraud Study” conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research, 15.4 million Americans had their identities stolen1. But what does it mean to have one’s identity ‘stolen’? According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), identity (ID) theft is defined as theft that occurs “when someone uses your Social Security number or other personal information to open new accounts, make purchases, or get a tax refund.”2 Anyone anywhere at any time is a potential target for ID lifters. In the... Read more →

On July 4th 241 years ago, a room full of delegates and appointed officials signed into being a new nation built on ideals now nearly synonymous with the American way of life. On that day, there was no certainty that the United States would win their battle against England but there was trepidation, determination, and courage. Little did the Founding Fathers know what they would create with their signatures when they signed into being the Declaration of Independence. This weekend marks the countdown to July 4th- an annual holiday commemorating the birth of America and celebrating the American people. Where... Read more →

Once an able-bodied and independent adult, they now struggle to recall the memories that make up their lives. They struggle to walk, let alone stride with their once normal gait. They become suspicious of those they love for unfounded reasons and find themselves acting out in ways they never would have before. They, eventually, become totally dependent upon others for everyday tasks they once could do on their own. They represent the millions of Americans who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to hosting Father’s Day and the first day of summer, June also represents Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month.... Read more →