June 18th marks 2017’s Father’s Day- a national holiday to celebrate fathers and their contributions to their families. These occasions also provide a time of reflection on family and how to better plan for the future in order to protect yourself and them financially. A part of that planning process should include evaluating your long-term care insurance needs. What is long-term care insurance and why is it important? As people age, the need for added support or services to carry out either personal or health related tasks can arise. Long-term care is defined as the medical or non-medical support needed... Read more →

Attorneys are highly educated, trained to be thoughtful, analytical, and most importantly skeptical. It will come as a surprise then that attorneys are also particularly vulnerable as a group to certain internet scams, in part because of the way that most attorneys obtain clients and in part because of ethical codes imposed on the profession. Scam artists have in turn become efficient and sophisticated in targeting the vulnerabilities of lawyers. Despite repeated warnings from bar associations and legal publications, many unsuspecting and otherwise mindful attorneys still fall prey. This article explores three (3) internet scams specifically targeting attorneys: 1. “Fake... Read more →

Summer is fast approaching and Americans across the country are planning their vacations whether ‘stay-cations’, domestic trips, or traveling abroad. However in the midst of planning for fun in the sun or a family retreat, it is easy to overlook planning for your health or that of your family. Here are some tips for staying safe and healthy while traveling away from home: Get vaccinated. Be sure that you are up to date with your vaccinations and know which vaccines are required by the countries you are traveling to. According to the U.S. Department of State’s article “Your Health Abroad”,... Read more →

Less than a week after the massive "WannaCry" ransomware cyberattack first hijacked computer systems in at least 140 countries, insurers, brokers and cyber risk management specialists are working with businesses to report claims, improve and expand existing cyber insurance coverages and implement cybersecurity best practices. According to Paul King, USI’s Management Professional Services (MPS) national director and cyber practice leader, this is the second cyber "aggregation threat" incident of 2017 and there’s every indication the next wave of ransomware attacks will be more disruptive and harder to halt. Targeting a Windows vulnerability, WannaCry locks up a computer system it infects... Read more →

To their loved ones, a spouse is priceless. Regardless of what income they bring into the household or what services they provide for the family, a loved one cannot be replaced in the hearts of those who care about them. But, the question remains as to what the financial impact of the loss of your loved one would cause for your family. Salary.com’s assessment concluded that in 2016 stay-at-home parents would earn a base salary of approximately $48,509 annually for normal 40-hour work weeks but would then accrue overtime pay for the additional 52-hours on average spent parenting. This overtime... Read more →

Just six weeks after the House leaders failed to muster the votes to pass an earlier version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the House Republicans narrowly passed their health care bill to repeal and replace Obamacare with a 217 to 213 vote on Thursday. All but 20 Republicans voted for the bill, and the Democrats were unanimous in opposition. What changed in the Bill? The earlier version of the AHCA did not satisfy the conservative Freedom Caucus bloc of the Republican party and Speaker Ryan pulled the bill from the floor immediately before the scheduled vote on March... Read more →