Pet parents considering pet insurance might ask the question, is it worth it? The argument is sometimes made that you’d be better off saving money each month than investing it in pet insurance. While it’s certainly smart to set aside money for a rainy day, it’s even smarter to supplement your savings with pet insurance. Why Pet Insurance Exam fees, diagnostics, and treatment for one injury or illness can total hundreds to thousands of dollars. It can be hard to save to that magnitude, and it may take a long time. It’s easy to get pet insurance coverage to that... Read more →

Medical air transportation companies have been helping save countless lives, often under dramatic circumstances, and have undoubtedly brought quicker emergency medical care to certain rural areas of the world. In the U.S. alone, air medical transport is providing approximately 82 million Americans access to Level I or II trauma centers in under 60 minutes. However, air ambulance costs are also leaving many patients financially vulnerable, catching them off guard with massive bills, which their health provider doesn’t cover. Most patients are left wondering how a relatively short ride can end up costing so much. The Lifeline called Air Medical Transport... Read more →

Do I need life insurance once I retire? Just because you’re retired doesn’t necessarily mean you’re financially sound. Think of all the different scenarios that may still be applicable: You may have been required to retire early; you may have had investments that have gone sour and haven’t had time to rebuild your nest egg. Additionally, there may be a need to cover final expenses, you may have children still at home who depend on you, or you may have a family member like an aging parent or special-needs sibling that you provide financial support for. The bottom line is... Read more →

In September of 2013, the HIPAA Omnibus Rule became effective. The purpose of the Omnibus Rule was to strengthen the privacy and security of patients’ Protected Health Information (PHI) by, among other things, expanding the HIPAA privacy and security obligations of healthcare organizations to business associates of healthcare organizations. Business associates are those outside entities that create, receive, maintain or transmit protected health information in the course of performing functions on behalf of a covered entity. 45 CFR §161.103 Subpart (1)(ii). Lawyers and law firms become business associates when they receive PHI from covered entity clients or organizations in the... Read more →

You’ve heard it before: identity theft is on the rise. New research has revealed that for yet another year, this audacious fact is still the case. In 2017, the number of identity fraud victims in the United States increased by 8%, rising to 16.7 million. The price tag for the crime? Almost $17 billion. While this number seems steep, it has decreased from the record amount recorded in 2012. The ways that criminals are stealing data and using it fraudulently are growing more sophisticated, evading the host of new technologies and policies developed by government and business designed to combat... Read more →

Today marks International Women’s Day 2018 - a day dedicated to the celebration, remembrance and recognition of women across industry, racial and national lines. Today is a day to recognize their contributions to society as a whole as well as the barriers still before them all over the world. In the U.S., American women have been involved in the legal profession for well over a century before they were allowed the right to vote for publicly held office positions. Undeniably, American women have come a long way in breaking through the gender barriers that have long existed across industry and... Read more →