Easy Identity Protection Resolutions For 2018

This new year, add a few resolutions to your list that will be easier to keep than a grueling new workout regimen or even passing on dessert at dinner. As incidences of identity theft continue to soar, a few simple regular additions to your normal routine can minimize your risk of identity fraud and keep your personal data and finances safe. Update your Passwords We’ve heard over and over that online passwords should be complex with a series of letters, numbers, and special characters, but recent guidance from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, based on behavioral research and... Read more →

Imagine: what if you could not be an attorney? It takes years of education, training, and commitment to practice law. It takes just as much to build your lifestyle. Yet, one moment, whether due to an accident or illness, can derail or severely alter all that you have worked for through those years of dedication. It is easy to think “it won’t happen to me” regarding forces completely out of your control— until it does. So, how will you protect your firm, your family, and yourself? What is disability insurance and who needs it? One in four non-elderly Americans suffer... Read more →

In September, Equifax, one of the country’s three credit bureaus, announced that the company had experienced a data breach, exposing the personal data of over 140 million Americans and Canadians. Because of the severity of the breach and the sensitivity of the data that was stolen, many individuals chose to activate a 90-day fraud alert with all three credit bureaus as an additional layer of security. Fraud alerts signals to creditors and lenders that they should request additional verification before proceeding with any action. Fraud alerts placed in the immediate aftermath of the Equifax data breach may soon be reaching... Read more →

Open Enrollment period is going on now through December 15th. Need health insurance coverage for the 2018 year? Here is what you need to know: Open Enrollment According to Healthcare.gov, the official federal government website funded and managed by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Open Enrollment is the “yearly period when people can enroll in a health insurance plan.” Employers may offer job-based health plans, which may have their own enrollment periods and plan options available. If not receiving benefits through work, eligible individuals can select and purchase health policies from their state’s health insurance marketplace. Eligibility... Read more →

Last year, Cyber Monday shoppers spent approximately $3.45 billion online, with Black Friday’s online sales coming in just $110 million below. While this high frequency, frenzied exchange of money is great for retailers and holiday shoppers alike, with it comes risk. Using bank account or card information with online shopping increases the potential for identity theft. Often, the public associated ID theft with big name cases and large firms or corporations. However, anyone can be at risk. Check out this article below from Generali Global Assistance, a leader in the assistance industry to learn more about how to protect yourself... Read more →

For many, November marks the beginning of the holiday season. This is a time centered on family, togetherness and bringing in the New Year on a good note. These occasions also provide a time of reflection on family and how to better plan for the future in order to protect you and your loved ones financially. It so happens that, aside from housing the Thanksgiving holiday, November is also Long-term Care Awareness Month—making this the perfect time to start your plan now. What is long-term care insurance and why is it important? As people age, the need for added support... Read more →