Life (or the end of a life) is unpredictable, but you can be prepared for it. Life insurance is an important part of any personal financial plan. According to the Life Insurance and Market Research Association (LIMRA)’s most recent “Facts About Life 2016” study, the number of U.S. households with life insurance has increased by more than five million over the last six years. However, this means that 30% of American households (or 37.5 million homes) still do not have any sort of life insurance coverage. One and five households with minors, or children under age 18, were reported as... Read more →

Exercise is an important component of daily life for people of all ages in more than one way. Not only is playing but also celebrating various sporting activities is a vital piece of each and every culture in one way or another- from the athletic feats of ancient Rome to the continued collaborations of nations at the Olympics. As professional basketball and hockey head towards the playoffs, baseball prepares for their season, and college basketball begins their annual March tradition, now is a great time for American sports fans to refocus their attention on their own athleticism. According to a... Read more →

HISTORY: In 1648, Margaret Brent became the first female lawyer in America5. In 1869, Lemma Barkaloo and Phoebe Wilson Couzins became the first women admitted into law school in the U.S. That same year, Arabella Mansfield became the first woman admitted to practice law5. In 1896, the first law school for women was established as Washington College of Law (District of Columbia), which is now American University Washington College of Law5. In 1920, 19th Amendment was ratified and to the Constitution, allowing American women the right to vote5. American women have been involved in the legal profession for well over... Read more →

This month, Tooth Fairies across the nation stretched out their wings and jingled their change purses to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month! Taking care of a child’s teeth and mouth can be challenging for many parents amid all of the other responsibilities associated with child rearing. However, oral hygiene is an important aspect of your child’s health that can directly impact their adult life. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)’s “A Pediatric Guide to Children’s Oral Health”, by age three the average child has twenty primary teeth, also known as baby teeth. These teeth typically begin to... Read more →

If you’ve been wondering if long-term care insurance is right for you and if it should be an important part of your overall financial plan, we’ve got information to help in your quest for answers and decision-making. Let’s look at latest industry findings and research… Approximately 7 out of 10 American’s age 65 or over will need some form of long-term care services during the remaining years of their lives, many people have turned to products like long-term care insurance to protect themselves against this potential catastrophic cost. More than 40% will require this care in a nursing home. In... Read more →