Money Management

5 Reasons Why Its Smart for Women to Get Life Insurance—or More of It

Originally published by Life Happens, April 7, 2017, written by Helen Mosher One of the most harrowing experiences I’ve ever had was during the sixth month of my pregnancy. My husband was out late, hadn’t called, and I was, of course, angry at his thoughtlessness. But this very evening, he... Read more →

Early Career Spotlight - Katie B., Chief Resident, on Disability Insurance

In the beginning of medical school, we were told that information will come like “water from a firehose." That was true, and it is also true that the learning curve for residency is even steeper and more like getting information from Niagara Falls. In addition to getting an education, medical... Read more →

Early Career Spotlight - Matt Diffley, MD, FAAP on Insurance

Shopping for insurance can be difficult due to the fine print but I appreciate the work the AAP has done to research and subsidize some great starter policies. As part of your AAP membership during residency, the AAP subsidizes a $100,000 term life insurance plan and $1,000/month disability insurance plan... Read more →

Early Career Spotlight - Bethany U., Pediatric Resident on Money Management

Possibly the most important financial habit you could have is to know exactly where your money is going and develop a budget. By tracking your spending (with software programs, spreadsheets or websites), it is easy to see where changes can be made and verify that your spending lines up with... Read more →