The world’s largest hotel chain, confirmed that up to 500 million guests’ information may have been breached when hackers accessed its Starwood guest reservation database. The hotel chain doesn’t believe its reservation system was affected since it’s on a different network. Marriott was first alerted in September of this year, but the hackers had unauthorized access to their system since 2014. This breach could potentially be one of the largest in history, behind the hacking of about 3 billion Yahoo accounts. The hotel chain has reported the hack to law enforcement and begun informing customers of the breach, including in... Read more →

This fall’s Facebook security breach that exposed data from 50 million user accounts served as an unfortunate reminder that what is shared online is never truly private. Many consumers have considered the risks associated with posting online through popular social media platforms and have adjusted their privacy settings accordingly. However, most probably haven’t put much thought behind what they might be sharing, perhaps unintentionally, on platforms lesser known for their social sharing capabilities. And while the data shared on these platforms might seem inconsequential, even non-financial personal information may be utilized by a thief to steal one’s identity. Below are... Read more →

Travelers is Offering Assistance to CA Wildfire Victims

Travelers customers who have been impacted by the California wildfires have access to Travelers' catastrophe response teams are available throughout the area to offer assistance. Travelers has two Mobile Claim Offices stationed in California for customers. Chico: Intersection of Notre Dame Blvd & E. 20th Street, Chico, CA 95928 Thousand Oaks: California Lutheran University, 60 W. Olsen Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 At these offices, customers can: • Speak directly to a Claim professionals • Begin the claim process, or receive assistance with an existing claim • Receive an advance on a covered loss Learn more about how Travelers can... Read more →

Veterans are the nation’s protectors, the defenders of American ideals and freedom. This Veterans Day marks the 100th year of celebrating these military heroes, both past and present, and collectively thanking them for their sacrifice. Veterans Day, originally Armistice Day until 1954, is a day to show appreciation for those who have served as soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and coast guardsmen for the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. This year, in particular, is made more significant in that it is the first to celebrate not only veterans for one day, but veterans and their families for the entire month... Read more →

As states continue to become compliant with the REAL ID Act, which sets universal, nation-wide standards for identification (i.e. driver’s licenses), there is still mounting confusion for companies and their corporate travelers over which enforcement deadlines to pay attention to. To break it down, there are two deadline types you should know about, and the latter is the most relevant for travelers. State Deadline 33 states and Washington, D.C. are already issuing licenses and identification cards that meet the new standards. The other 17 states and five U.S. territories have extensions which expire on October 10, 2018. Starting that day,... Read more →

Curious if whether or not pet insurance is worth the investment? We sat down with USI Affinity’s Arielle E. to hear about her and her kitten's, Marmalade, recent "cat-tastrophe": Working in the insurance industry, you think you know everything there is to know about insurance protection. We speak often about preparing for the unexpected, educating everyone about their inherent need for various forms of financial coverage. However, no level of expertise can shield you completely from shock when the formidable ‘unexpected’ happens— but having even a basic understanding can help prepare you financially. If you asked me three months ago... Read more →