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President’s Day is a holiday commemorating the nation’s former and current leaders. From coast to coast, and sea to shining sea, there are hundreds of parks, memorials and the like honoring the national pride and history of the presidential office. Not sure where to go to really celebrate the long weekend? Check out our list for ideas! 1) SOUTH DAKOTA: Rising high above the tree line of the park below, national figureheads George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. They forever look out upon the country they have helped liberate, unite, and develop through both actions and words... Read more →

Filing taxes rarely earns a top spot on anyone’s “fun things to do” list. Knowing that there might be an ample return could be a nice incentive, but what would you do if that check never came? Tax season kicks off January 29 when the IRS begins accepting tax returns and will continue until April 17, with an estimated 155 million individuals filing. This is prime time for tax-related fraud. While the IRS and state tax authorities have implemented several measures to reduce the number of fraudulent tax returns, identity thieves continue their attacks on filers and tax preparation businesses.... Read more →