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Do you think you are too young to need a life insurance policy? Too old? Are you single and/or without dependents? Life Insurance is important for all age groups, though for different reasons. Let’s break it down by generation: Millennials: Only 52% of Millennials have life insurance, according to the Life Happens and LIMRA 2017 Insurance Barometer Study. The study also found that Millennials tend to overestimate the cost of life insurance. Four in ten Millennials believe that a term-life insurance policy can cost over $1,000 a year. This is over five times what a policy actually costs. Putting aside... Read more →

This is the age of wanderlust- wherein travel is easier, more convenient and more affordable than it ever has been. Countless flights are available throughout each day from a variety of airlines. Trains can carry passengers on their daily commute, from city to city, or across the nation. We have the ability to access updates to our travel plans with a swipe of the thumb through our Smartphones. Travel has certainly become easier in many respects, yet always retains an air of excitement for those of us who enjoy the chaos and thrill of getting to and then enjoying a... Read more →