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November 2019

It’s that time of year again. Holidays, family meals, presents and Long-Term Care Awareness Month. That’s right. November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month. Long-term care, and particularly long-term care insurance, is one of the most important components of a person’s financial portfolio, and yet it is one of the most commonly overlooked. Long-term care is something we only associated with the elderly and is typically pushed to the back of our minds until faced with the difficult decisions surrounding the care of a loved one. But, when we say there is ‘no time like the present’ when it comes to... Read more →

In late October, the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center released its ABA TechReport 2019.[1] Unfortunately, the report was not good news for lawyers. The report, based upon responses from lawyers across the country as provided in the Legal Technology Survey Report, reveals that lawyers have made little progress in the past year, if not, the past few years, in protecting themselves and their practices from cybersecurity risk. The ABA’s annual survey and report explores how lawyers are using technology in their practice and addresses various areas such as online research, tech basics and security, law office technology, marketing... Read more →

The rapid integration of digital technologies into everyday life continues to create new risks and challenges that many individuals and families frequently overlook or do not yet fully appreciate. Take these two technological developments: Smartphones and the Internet of Things (IoT). While smartphone and mobile technology as a whole has put the Internet at the fingertips of a greater number of people worldwide, it also has allowed the development of millions of applications that collect and store large quantities of personal data that could easily fall into the wrong hands. Today's mobile users not only have to contend with the... Read more →