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The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting upheaval of travel plans across the globe has thrust travel insurance into the spotlight of late. Many travelers have been disappointed or surprised to learn that funds lost due to trips canceled because of this pandemic are not covered by the travel insurance plan they bought. As a broker, the American Bar Association Insurance Program works with many of the top carriers in the industry, we know the trends well and plans offered by other carriers. Pretty much industry-wide, travel insurance plans do not offer coverage for events like this pandemic. Travel insurance plans... Read more →

If you’re like many people (me included before I started working for a travel insurance brokerage), you buy travel insurance and immediately cover yourself in a nice cozy mental security blanket: “If something goes wrong before or during my trip, I’ll be reimbursed.” Well, it’s not quite that simple. Like all types of insurance – homeowners, auto, life, to name a few – there are limits to the coverage offered in travel insurance plans. As a travel insurance broker offering a variety of plans from many of the top carriers in the industry, we’re proud of the products we offer... Read more →