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In this digital age, data breaches are becoming a more and more frequent phenomenon. Some high profile, widely publicized incidents are reported as impacting up to millions of people- often causing worry and distress for potential victims. Therefore, it is more important than ever to be vigilant in protecting yourself and your family against identity fraud. Even if you are not currently or have not been part of a recent data breach, we know that the future holds many breaches yet to come. The time to act is now, but what can you do? The American Bar Association Insurance Program... Read more →

This fall’s Facebook security breach that exposed data from 50 million user accounts served as an unfortunate reminder that what is shared online is never truly private. Many consumers have considered the risks associated with posting online through popular social media platforms and have adjusted their privacy settings accordingly. However, most probably haven’t put much thought behind what they might be sharing, perhaps unintentionally, on platforms lesser known for their social sharing capabilities. And while the data shared on these platforms might seem inconsequential, even non-financial personal information may be utilized by a thief to steal one’s identity. Below are... Read more →

As Hurricane Florence begins to bare down on the East Coast, we know those in the storm's path will be taking precautions. While much focus will be on physical safety, there are a number of ways that you can ensure a more secure identity before, during, and after the event when opportunistic crimes can occur. In case you need to leave your home, secure sensitive documents and paperwork in a safe or a locked drawer and be sure to take all credit cards and insurance documents with you. If time permits, consider stopping mail service and cancel any package deliveries... Read more →

The “back-to-school” season is a busy, hectic time for students and parents alike. It’s also another opportunity for identity thieves to learn a thing or two, as well: and this new information isn’t the good stuff you read in books. Last year, over 1 million children were targets of identity theft and fraud, racking up over $540 million in out-of-pocket costs to their families, according to research from Javelin Strategy. Children are often targets of identity thieves because of their clean credit scores and the lack of attention families pay to their minor’s credit report. A criminal could open up... Read more →

According to a new report from Generali Global Assistance, the summer of 2018 is expected to be one of the most-traveled on record, with nearly 68% of Americans packing their bags. And while travel is generally a rewarding experience, travelers remain one of the most vulnerable groups to identity theft because they are often carrying more sensitive documents than usual and can be more unaware of their environment. However, with a few precautions, travel can be safer for you and your identity. 53 percent of thefts of consumers' identity data are "non-digital," meaning they don't involve — or at least,... Read more →

You’ve heard it before: identity theft is on the rise. New research has revealed that for yet another year, this audacious fact is still the case. In 2017, the number of identity fraud victims in the United States increased by 8%, rising to 16.7 million. The price tag for the crime? Almost $17 billion. While this number seems steep, it has decreased from the record amount recorded in 2012. The ways that criminals are stealing data and using it fraudulently are growing more sophisticated, evading the host of new technologies and policies developed by government and business designed to combat... Read more →

Filing taxes rarely earns a top spot on anyone’s “fun things to do” list. Knowing that there might be an ample return could be a nice incentive, but what would you do if that check never came? Tax season kicks off January 29 when the IRS begins accepting tax returns and will continue until April 17, with an estimated 155 million individuals filing. This is prime time for tax-related fraud. While the IRS and state tax authorities have implemented several measures to reduce the number of fraudulent tax returns, identity thieves continue their attacks on filers and tax preparation businesses.... Read more →

Easy Identity Protection Resolutions For 2018

This new year, add a few resolutions to your list that will be easier to keep than a grueling new workout regimen or even passing on dessert at dinner. As incidences of identity theft continue to soar, a few simple regular additions to your normal routine can minimize your risk of identity fraud and keep your personal data and finances safe. Update your Passwords We’ve heard over and over that online passwords should be complex with a series of letters, numbers, and special characters, but recent guidance from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, based on behavioral research and... Read more →

In September, Equifax, one of the country’s three credit bureaus, announced that the company had experienced a data breach, exposing the personal data of over 140 million Americans and Canadians. Because of the severity of the breach and the sensitivity of the data that was stolen, many individuals chose to activate a 90-day fraud alert with all three credit bureaus as an additional layer of security. Fraud alerts signals to creditors and lenders that they should request additional verification before proceeding with any action. Fraud alerts placed in the immediate aftermath of the Equifax data breach may soon be reaching... Read more →

Last year, Cyber Monday shoppers spent approximately $3.45 billion online, with Black Friday’s online sales coming in just $110 million below. While this high frequency, frenzied exchange of money is great for retailers and holiday shoppers alike, with it comes risk. Using bank account or card information with online shopping increases the potential for identity theft. Often, the public associated ID theft with big name cases and large firms or corporations. However, anyone can be at risk. Check out this article below from Generali Global Assistance, a leader in the assistance industry to learn more about how to protect yourself... Read more →