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5 Reasons Why It's (Super) Smart for Women to Get Life Insurance—or More of It

Originally published by Life Happens, April 7, 2017, written by Helen Mosher One of the most harrowing experiences I’ve ever had was during the sixth month of my pregnancy. My husband was out late, hadn’t called, and I was, of course, angry at his thoughtlessness. But this very evening, he had misjudged a bend in a rural, mountain road—and plummeted off the side of it into a ravine, totaling his car. It was some time before campers found him, unconscious and with a dislocated shoulder, but otherwise uninjured. I was overwhelmed suddenly—even though my husband was going to be fine—with... Read more →

To their loved ones, a spouse is priceless. Regardless of what income they bring into the household or what services they provide for the family, a loved one cannot be replaced in the hearts of those who care about them. But, the question remains as to what the financial impact of the loss of your loved one would cause for your family.’s assessment concluded that in 2016 stay-at-home parents would earn a base salary of approximately $48,509 annually for normal 40-hour work weeks but would then accrue overtime pay for the additional 52-hours on average spent parenting. This overtime... Read more →

You have planned out what kind of policy is best for you and have calculated how much insurance your loved ones need to not only cover your final expenses but also to live without your income. But, when the question comes up between you and your financial advisor- who should you name as your beneficiary? A beneficiary is the individual or individuals who will receive your death benefit after you pass on. Though it may seem like an easy decision, it is certainly a part of the life insurance process worth taking the time to consider carefully. First, ask yourself... Read more →

There are many different kinds of life insurance policies available to fit individual needs and budgets. While each policy can be tailored on a individual basis, the main categories are: whole life, universal life, variable life and level term life. Each one is different in how it is paid into, how it is disbursed and in the premium payment amounts. So, it is important to carefully consider each one before purchasing a policy. Whole life is a permanent life insurance policy that may pay a dividend. Universal life is also a type of life coverage policy with a combined investment... Read more →

For the second part of this life insurance centric blog series titled “What is my life worth?”, the focus will shift to answering the crucial question “how much am I worth?” You are invaluable to your loved ones. But, when considering life insurance it is important to ask yourself three fundamental questions: Who depends on me and my income? How much do I contribute to my household? How much debt do I have that would be transferred on to my family if I were to pass prematurely? The answers to these questions should help to guide anyone considering life insurance... Read more →

Life (or the end of a life) is unpredictable, but you can be prepared for it. Life insurance is an important part of any personal financial plan. According to the Life Insurance and Market Research Association (LIMRA)’s most recent “Facts About Life 2016” study, the number of U.S. households with life insurance has increased by more than five million over the last six years. However, this means that 30% of American households (or 37.5 million homes) still do not have any sort of life insurance coverage. One and five households with minors, or children under age 18, were reported as... Read more →

One of the questions we’re often asked is why considering purchase a policy for life or disability when those are benefits offered by an employer. Today, we’re going to unravel that mystery. It Doesn’t Have to Be Either/Or Typically, employer policies are small (for instance, 1-2x salary for a life insurance policy – which isn’t nearly enough coverage for most people) and you don’t have to go through underwriting unless you’re looking for a larger amount. Premiums are usually paid on a pre-tax basis. In other words, securing this coverage is pretty quick and painless. It’s worth considering for this... Read more →

Life insurance should be thought of as a way to offset financial liabilities should the worst happen. Whenever you have a life event that adds financial responsibilities, it’s a good time to consider acquiring coverage or adding to what you have today. Let’s take a look at what some of those life events might be. Getting Married When you get married, you start making financial decisions based on your combined income. You may be a dual-income household, or perhaps only one of you works outside of the home. If something happens to either one of you, the other spouse would... Read more →