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Quick Tip - 4 Ways to Find Balance

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Many business professionals, particularly lawyers, struggle to manage time, money, and their personal relationships, and strike a balance between all three. Here are some effective ways to maintain your equilibrium:

1. Be Intentional

When time and money are not in unlimited supply, you must be intentional about how they are spent, or risk wasting both on the wrong things. Just as a budget will dictate how you will cover all your bills, the same goes for time. Time spent on social media or in front of the television translates into not enough time to do the things you really need to accomplish, such as getting your work done and spending time with your family.

2. Prioritize

We always seem to have time or money for our priorities, which tend to get our first dollars and first moments of the day. The key is to get your priorities straight, and in doing so, spend your time and money on what is most important to you and your family.

3. Have a Plan

Keep a well-written plan of how you will spend your money and what you will do with your time, and don’t forget to include your friends and family as well. When you’re extremely busy, it’s virtually impossible to keep everything straight in your head if it’s not written down on your calendar, be it a paper or electronic one.

4. Track It

It’s not enough to simply have a plan – you must track your plan. The book, Simple Life, provides a blueprint for tracking your plan. First write down everything you consider to be important, next, record how you spend your next 24 hours, and last, compare how you spent your time with what you said was most important to you. Then make adjustments as needed.

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