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Top 5 NYSBA Insurance Program Articles In 2020

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Welcome to 2021! We are look forward to helping you to fulfill your insurance needs whether for yourself, your family, or your firm.

 As we wrap up the year let’s take a look at the NYSBA Insurance Program articles most read by Members.  These articles are a great starting point to understanding insurance and securing your financial future.

#1 CNA - The Remote-Ready Law Firm: Managing the Long-Distance Relationships

Coworking spaces, cloud computing and virtual receptionists have allowed some law firms to ditch their offices entirely. Most lawyers, however, seek a middle ground: a practice capable of functioning remotely when convenient or necessary, but still anchored to a physical office. The benefits of facilitating remote work are well worth... Read more →

#2 Practical Planning Lessons from 2020

Unprecedented. Tragic. Unimaginable. And, ironically, sometimes even boring. Those are just a few of the adjectives to describe our recent world.  Read more →

#3 COVID-19 Is Prompting Families to Rethink Their Finances

Originally published by Life Happens, written by Amanda Austin. COVID-19 has led families to cancel travel plans, get (semi!) comfortable with homeschooling kids and deal with all kinds of other inconveniences. As if that weren’t enough, it’s also making many families take a closer look at... Read more →

#4 Disability insurance for young professionals.

It’s important to get coverage while you’re still young–when it’s more economical. As a young professional, you’ve worked hard by applying yourself to everything you do. You thrive by embracing the changes you know life brings. Yet having a job is only the first step toward achieving stability–because not all... Read more →

#5 CNA - Billing Blues: Best Business Practices for Fee Collection

As attorneys, we routinely litigate, arbitrate, and negotiate on behalf of our clients. With regularity, we analyze, synthesize and scrutinize certain facts, precedent and regulations. We often find comfort in a courtroom, boardroom or conference room. Managing accounts receivable, however seem to befuddle the best of us. Collection of overdue... Read more →

For more information about personal and firm insurance planning, talk to a licensed New York State Bar Association Insurance Program Benefits Specialist at 1-855-874-0140


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