Life Insurance for the Young Single Adult
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Life Insurance for Young Professionals

It’s never too soon to get covered. See options to fit your budget today.

Today’s young professionals change jobs more often than their parents did. And yet having a job is only the first step toward achieving stability. Life insurance has a role to play in your financial life.

Life insurance isn’t just for your parents.
If you were to wait until you’re up in age, your coverage may be much more expensive, since rates are largely based on the age at which you buy. Plus, your rate can be locked in for a term or time period you select. The younger you are when you buy, the more economical your premium will be—now and into the future. So there’s no better time to purchase your coverage than today. When you’re young—and maybe even still single—is the best
time to begin thinking about building and protecting your financial future

What insurance is right for you?
Once you’ve decided to purchase life insurance, you need to find the right coverage amount to help safeguard your financial future. Which products best fit your circumstances? How much coverage do you need? Answering these questions is important, but only part of the challenge. Perhaps most significant is which life insurance company you choose. Policies offered by your group from New York Life Insurance Company not only come from one of the most financially sound life insurance companies around, but are designed with people like you in mind.

Life insurance for today’s young professionals.

Take your coverage with you when you job-switch. People’s work lives are more fluid today than ever before, so flexibility is key. That’s why coverage offered through your group is portable —you can take it with you from one job to the next as your career progresses. Sustaining coverage over time not only allows you to maintain a certain lifestyle, but can also protect your future insurability.

Flexibility to change with your situation. Whether you already have a family or are considering starting one soon, this insurance can be right for you. That’s because you can add family members so you’re all protected from life’s events. And you can change your coverage as your life situation changes.

Group pricing is what it’s all about. You can save quite a bit by choosing the group option. Group underwriting requirements are different than those for individuals who apply on their own. Because group policies spread risk over a smaller pool of people, its pricing is more stable. As a result, you’re less likely to experience price fluctuations than you would with individual coverage. And group policies are priced appropriately to your industry so the cost will likely match your wallet.

Let us help. Employers today continue to cut costs by reducing benefits employees used to take for granted. By obtaining coverage through your membership or professional association today, you can free yourself to focus on developing your career. You may gain peace of mind knowing you can count on a more secure future

What insurance is right for you?
You need life insurance that’s economical and flexible to meet your needs — so you can focus on realizing your own goals rather
than worrying about the what-ifs.
To find out more including features, costs, eligibility, renewability, limitations, and exclusions about group term life insurance contact:


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