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You have planned out what kind of policy is best for you and have calculated how much insurance your loved ones need to not only cover your final expenses but also to live without your income. But, when the question comes up between you and your financial advisor- who should... Read more →

There are many different kinds of life insurance policies available to fit individual needs and budgets. While each policy can be tailored on a individual basis, the main categories are: whole life, universal life, variable life and level term life. Each one is different in how it is paid into,... Read more →

For the second part of this life insurance centric blog series titled “What is my life worth?”, the focus will shift to answering the crucial question “how much am I worth?” You are invaluable to your loved ones. But, when considering life insurance it is important to ask yourself three... Read more →

Originally published by Life Happens, April 20, 2017, written by Peter Colis. Your life insurance needs will ebb and flow throughout your lifetime. Buying a term policy early in your career or taking a basic employer-issued life insurance policy is a common course of action. However, deciding how much and... Read more →